Home maintenance “is an ongoing project”

With all the talk at this time of year of storms, freezes, downpours and snow, it can be easy to think there is simply too much to do to get your home in the right shape for winter.

Whether it is investing in insulation in a bid to prevent burst pipes or securing those creaking tiles on the roof, there is always something to do to keep you and your family comfortable during the coldest months of the year.

But the truth is that such tasks can be spread out from January to December, with just a small amount of home maintenance on a regular basis going a long way.

Whether you are hiring a sole electrician or a team of builders, there is always something they can do to prevent a nasty shock this winter.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor at BuildIt, has spoken on the subject of looking after a property all-year round.

She said that those who fail to look after a building will pay the penalty in the long run, as poorly-kept abodes are sure to feature “numerous hazards”.

“Home maintenance is an ongoing project – small jobs can be done and monitored throughout the year,” Ms DeSouza stated.

“A big check and home MOT should be carried out every autumn in preparation for the colder months and spring so you can enjoy your home in the summer.”

One of the problems the expert recommended you challenge tradesmen to tackle is damp.

She explained that however small such an issue can seem at first, it will quickly escalate to the point where people are suffering from asthma, respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions.

Kevin Sears, energy efficiency expert at, recently said it is important to make green improvements to a home prior to the onset of winter in order to ensure energy bills do not become too much of a burden. – find tradesmen for all your home improvement and maintenance needs.

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