How can you make your home fit for winter?

We understand the last thing you want to be thinking about right now is winter. After all, the way the British weather has been in recent months, you could argue summer has yet to get going, despite the fact we are now well into August.

The Met Office labelled June the wettest in history, while much of July wasn’t an awful lot drier, depending on where you live. It seems the dark clouds and heavy rainfall has subsided slightly as London has hosted the Olympic Games in the last couple of weeks, but you’d be a fool for thinking conditions were anywhere near tropical. In fact, it has been chilly and a little damp most of the time.

All of which leads us back to winter. Like it or not, it’s only a couple of months until we’ll all be switching our heating back on and investing in a thicker duvet. However, not every change you need to make in your home is as easy as that and some require serious planning. With this in mind, we think now could just be the perfect time to start getting some of those serious tasks out of the way before the first snowfall or sub-zero temperatures of the season.

One benefit of making home improvements at this time of year is that you might find it is easier to book in a local tradesman who focuses on seasonal issues.

For instance, you could look at having double glazing installed in your property. There aren’t too many places for heat to escape from a building, but windows are one of the major culprits. If you still have single-glazed panes, calling a glazier out to upgrade your windows will result in not only a huge aesthetic boost to your abode, but also an environmental impact that results in you saving money on your energy bills.

The possibilities do not end there though, as there is still so much more you can do to ensure you have a happy, heated home in the months ahead. Why not call out an engineer to take a look at your boiler and ensure it’s running at its very best ahead of the period in which you will need it the most?

Another good idea is to call out an electrician to take a look at your home’s infrastructure and some of the fittings that you rely on. When the dark nights start to roll in, you will need your lighting more than ever. Not only can an electrician ensure you have a system that will not fail when you need it most, he will also be able to upgrade solutions to the very latest models. For instance, changing to LEDs can help you save energy and, as a result, money.

Having insulation fitted in your loft or walls is another move that will help to retain warmth and mean you require less to be generated – and paid for – through normal sources.

The key to environmentally-friendly, affordable living is to focus on using less energy, but you must balance this with the need to be comfortable in your home at the harshest time of the year. By making the right home improvements, we are sure you will be.

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