Top five: How to add extra space to your home

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to move home. Whether you are a young person struggling to get on the property ladder for the first time or part of a family that needs a larger property to house your expanding brood, conditions are tough at the moment.

The banks are putting a tighter grip on lending so mortgages aren’t as widely available as they were a few years ago. This means many of us have to remain in the properties we currently have to our name as we can’t finance an upgrade. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to turn your focus to increasing the size of your existing abode.

Here we offer our top five tips on how to make your home larger and add the amenities you really need.

1) Build an extension

Clearly, the most obvious solution is to hire a professional builder to oversee the creation of an extension. The good news here is that you have so many options on what to do and where to do it. Do you need another bedroom for a baby that is soon to arrive? That’s not an issue, just have a bedroom created. Or do you find your existing kitchen cramped and uncomfortable? Again, it’s not a problem, just order your architect to design a new cooking space and watch as your builder makes the dream a reality. You also have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a place to build. It might seem obvious to build outwards, but you can also have a loft conversion done or a basement crafted.

2) Add a conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your home is an attractive option. It is not as expensive or time-consuming as a full-blown extension, so it might suit those of you who are seeking a quicker fix. Conservatories these days are stylish and tailored to fit in with any surroundings. You will have no trouble finding one that can attach to your home and give you a relaxing space that will prove to be a joy on sunny days.

3) Knock two rooms into one

In many houses, there is a room you tend not to use. It might be a spare bedroom or a utility room. In short, it doesn’t really matter, because if you do not make use of it then it is a waste of space. You can get around this by hiring a builder to knock down one of its walls, effectively opening it up to become part of an adjoining space. This will enable you to access one, larger room rather than two more cramped layouts.

4) Take over some garden space

In some cases, you might find your house is not big enough but you have far too much room outdoors in your garden. It is not uncommon for people in some areas to find themselves with vast gardens that can become a burden to look after. Why not use some of the space outdoors as a new indoor facility? For example, you could purchase a semi-permanent structure that can be installed by a local tradesman and is ideal for acting as an office or garage.

5) Redecorate and de-clutter

You might find that simply making more use of the floor space you have available to you works wonders. You can de-clutter a home relatively easily and immediately the extra space should become apparent. Then, call in a painter and decorator to give the area a new style and aesthetic appeal and it’s like your property has suddenly been added to in the shape of a brand new room.

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