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How to Find Trusted Local Roofers

‘Cowboy roofers’ is an all too common expression in the world of home improvements, but roofers shouldn’t all be tarnished with the same brush. There are good ones out there and we can help you find them!

The problem with roofing jobs, is that unless you’re prepared to scale a 30ft ladder, you’re unlikely to know whether your roof is in need of repair. This is of course unless it’s already leaking -which is why you need a quality, local roofers who you can trust.

Roofing repairs can be expensive, which is why many homeowners choose to put them off, along with a fear of being ripped off. However, roofing maintenance is like going to the dentist – it can be expensive, but, it’s got to be done – by maintaining your roof and guttering, and conducting regular repairs/maintenance like securing loose roof tiles, you can extend the life of your roof and prevent unnecessary expense in the long run.

local roofersIt is often hard for homeowners to understand why the costs of roofing jobs are so high. We scaled a ladder to see for ourselves what a roofing job involves!

Public Liability is expensive for companies who work at height and with heat. All roofers should have Public Liability insurance, however this is not always the case and you should always ask to see proof if you’re unsure. It can be tempting to go for a cheaper quote from a company without insurance, but it’s never worth the risk.

Top tips from Steve of Haywood’s Roofing:

1. Be aware of random people knocking on your door offering a cheap price to clear your gutters

2. Most reputable tradesmen will have a sign-written van

3. Always check that the company have Public Liability insurance

4. Ensure you receive a receipt and a guarantee for the work

If you’re looking for a quality local roofers we can help you find one just like Steve from Haywood’s Roofing. Post your roofing job on and we’ll put you in touch with up to 3 tradesmen. Read their reviews and ratings online and select the right one for you and your job. That way you’ll know that you’re employing a roofing expert who you can trust. 



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