How to avoid lighting chaos – the end of the 60W illumination

Getting the lighting right can make or break a room. Lighting is an integral part of interior design, not an afterthought.

Now that the EU has culled the 60W incandescent bulb, we are being forced to adopt its undesirable eco successors and have been sentenced to live amongst cold, dim light. As many people have been panic-buying the iconic and nostalgic 60W bulb, perhaps to protect the ambience of their home interiors, we are determined to find an eco-friendly and friendly solution to the lighting dilemma that is the CFL bulb.

The eco friendly CFL may be better for the environment, but it does nothing for your living room’s environment. The colour of the light from a CFL bulb is starker – 40o0k colour temperature – than its retro counterpart. To avoid the typical harsh blue light, opt for a lower colour temperature – around 1800 – 3000 – which will create a softer, more yellow light.

Despite their unfavourable ambience the CFL bulb lasts 4-5  times longer than a 60W incandescent, and despite costing 4-5 times more up front, they use significantly less energy and therefore save money in the long run.

The good news is that we are not doomed to being forced to adopt the CFL, florescent light bulb. They may be more expensive but, an LED light bulb is likely to outlive a CLF bulb – and even you. They also use even less energy than a CFL bulb and don’t contain hazardous substances, like mercury, that are found in fluorescent bulbs. The LED bulbs are, generally, better looking than the CFL monstrosities – you pay for style but as for many things it’s often worth it.

1. The traditional iridescent light bulb – RIP 2. LED light bulb £7.99 from Maplin 3. Less attractive CFL light bulbs

The good news is the CFL bulb is being developed in more familiar shapes – rather than pasta shapes – more attractive light colours and with the ability to be used with a dimmer switch, which can only help its cause.

So how does this affect how you light your home?

Ceiling Lights: Provide the best lighting around a room and in a large room you can go big with either a chandelier to add a touch of glamour or a functional designer shade for a modern feel. Ceiling lights are great for throwing light across a room but if the light is too bright the room can look cold.

If you have a chandelier or are put off buying one because of this recent lighting scare, the LED bulb is the answer. As above the candle shaped 3000K LED bulbs emit a yellow friendly glow that is sympathetic to chandelier crystals and will, almost, never need to be changed – perfect if your chandelier is suspended 20 feet up!

Wall Lights: These are more forgiving than ceiling lights and have a warmer effect, which can cope better with the limitations of the CFL bulb.
Wall lights are the perfect way to divide up a room and create mood lighting, especially when fitted with a dimmer switch. Picture lighting can be a great way to create a feature wall however this is where a CFL light may compromise the desired effect.

Down Lights: So on trend, everyone who is going for minimal is installing them and especially when opting for a high spec finish. When fitted flush to the ceiling, LED is a popular choice due to the difficulties associated with changing the bulbs. Modern homes with minimalist, plain finishes are also likely to suffer less from cold lighting colours than more traditional interiors.

Free Standing:Both floor and table lamps are a versatile lighting solution that can be moved around to change the mood of a room; positioning a lamp in a dark corner can transform a space. For reading lamps, LEDs bulbs with a softer more natural light will also be beneficial.
The demise of the 60W incandescent light bulb may be a sad time for this 100year enduring invention, but as it emits as much heat as it does light, we can hardly condone its environmental credentials. We are sadly and reluctantly accepting its energy efficient replacement and hope that Armani Casa can lend the CFL bulb some style inspiration! Without an injection of style, or a 60W facade, could the light bulb metaphor for genius and inspiration be lost forever in the history of popular culture?>
Although we are sure you can change a light bulb – however, the new eco friendly bulbs will make this a less frequent event – if you require anything more complex done in your home, post your job for free on

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