Building a Home Wine Cellar

If your basement isn’t packed with knick-knacks from yesteryear, it might be an idea to use the space more wisely. Wine buffs tend to have bottles here and there around the house, but in a not-so organised way. To keep your wine organised and keep track of the Lafite from the Latour, a home wine cellar is the solution. You don’t necessarily have to use much space, and it doesn’t need to cost the world either.

Home wine cellar designs

Here are some examples of home wine cellar alternatives.

The spiral cellar

home wine cellar
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How it works: A watertight pre-cast cylindrical system is sunk into the floor of your kitchen, study or living room. The cellar stores around 600-1870 bottles depending on the size of the spiral cellar, and you might even be able to mix it up with jams and preserves. The perfect temperature (around 13°C) is maintained with a clever insulation system so to ensure that the wine is kept in perfect condition. Planning permission isn’t required to install the spiral cellar, however a building regulation may be asked for.

The wine closet

wine cellar design

How it works: If you don’t have a basement, fear not – a wine cellar can be fitted in an unused closet or under the stairs. The space should be dark, have a constant temperature and be slightly humid (you don’t want the corks to dry!). Installing a cooling system will allow the wine to age in optimum temperatures, especially if you’re looking for long-term storage. The closet conversion is not only a great way to use extra space, it can also add an extra flair to your house interior should you opt for glass doors.

The classic wine cellar

A wine cellar needn’t be built in an underground cave with hundreds of wine racks lining the walls. A garage, basement or outhouse can host the wine collection, even on a tight budget. While it’s possible to do a DIY job and construct your own wine cellar, there are plenty of aspects to take into consideration such as stud walls, insulation, vapor barrier, lighting and capacity. We think it’s best to leave the job to the experts and focus on the accessories instead.

wine accessories

 1. William Yeoward Crystal Decanter 2. Orrefors Dizzy Diamond Tumbler 3. Floating Chain Wine Bottle Holder 4. Antique style Tuscan corkscrew 5. Wine aerator 6.  Menu wine thermometer

If you’re in need of a tradesman to help with your home improvement project, post your job for free on and up to three quality, local tradesmen will get in touch with their quotes. Wine cellar or no wine cellar, they know what their stuff. 

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