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Ageless Kids’ Room Decor

Kids’ room decor requires a different approach to a nursery. As children grow at such a fast rate, you don’t want to have to buy new furniture in two years’ time, or even worse, redecorate every few weeks when a television character loses its appeal!

What you need is an almost ageless approach to kids’ room decor.

Ageless kids’ room decor ideas


If you ask your children what they want their rooms to look like, you’re probably going to get answers like, “pink”, “blue” and “spiderman”. Of course, you’ll want to keep their opinions in mind but there are ways to give them the room that they want without painting your walls in every colour of the rainbow. If it’s a character or a specific theme that they’re after, wall stickers are a good choice. As they’re peel and stick, they won’t give you a headache when a new character becomes the next best thing.

kids room decor

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When we’re young, we’re attracted to bright, bold colours like yellow, blue, pink and red. If you can, stick to neutral walls but bring the colour in through any bean bags, toys and bedding that your child might have. They’re easy to replace. If you’re unlucky and can’t get around the coloured wall, try opting for not quite so bright shades that they’ll like for longer. A turquoise or a deep blue is more practical than a bright blue.

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The ideal floor is easy to clean, soft, warm and noise absorbent. Bedrooms become indoor playgrounds and you don’t want to hear every sound your child makes running from one side of the room to the other, or every train toy being pushed across the room. Rubber and linoleum tick every box but they can be slippery when wet so you’ll need to make the room a no drinks zone. Of course, carpet is always popular. It falls short at the easy to clean stage but now that steam cleaners are on the market, it’s not as difficult as it once was to keep a carpeted room clean.

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If there’ll be more than one child sharing a room, bunk beds are handy but if not, go for classic furniture that won’t seem too young in three years’ time. Look for beds with a universal appeal – and ones that won’t collapse when two people jump on them! There’s nothing worse than buying a bed that you’ll need to replace in a few months when it’s been outgrown either. As long as it’s not too high, posing a safety risk, it’ll be fine.

kids room decorating ideas

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