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How to dazzle with denim

Denim’s a fashion staple and thanks to fashion and interior design’s close relationship, it was only a matter of time before the interiors picked up on the action. The great thing about this style is that it comes in various degrees and those who are too afraid of a denim overload can water down the effect by intercepting the pattern with a mix of light, bright and dark blues with whites, in a subtle nod to Eastern styling. Just work the denim into the cushions. In fact, the understated approach has that built-to-last quality as it updates that classic 90’s look.

Image Source: Philly

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One of my favourite looks is the denim map – a DIY project that you can use to dress your walls and one that makes for a brilliant bedroom or home office feature. Cut up old jeans in the shape of countries and use coloured thread to stitch the paths of your travels. It’s a brilliant memory maker and it will take on a new dimension each time it’s updated.

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Sticking with the craft theme, the denim lampshade is making a comeback. If you want to go all out in your denim appreciation, you can purchase (or make!) a head-to-toe lamp that B*Witched would be proud of. Personally, I’d rather mix my lampshade with a sleek, modern base to create an interior that remains stylish while managing to give off that relaxed, homely vibe. I adore this blue Baccarat chandelier and would be looking to replicate the look on a smaller and less expensive scale.

Image Source: Philly

For an instant dose of denim, seek out appliances with a retro flair – like this Smeg refrigerator. Styled in partnership with the fashion retailer Italia Independent, it’s limited edition but there are still a few available to date. If they sell out before you get a chance to call one your own, you can always look for the denim influx on well-loved products such as the kitchen toaster.

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The bolder of us should opt for denim-clad walls and there are two options depending on your personal style. The first is to opt for jean print which you can wallpaper on and the second is to replicate a small section of the denim fabric – minus the pockets and buttons! I’d recommend taking the second route and using paint and a denim weaver brush to recreate the woven pattern. Apply two semigloss base coats, top with a translucent glaze and work the pattern into the wet glaze using the patterned brush and roller and there you have it, you’re good to go!

Do you need help from a painter/decorator to bring the denim look to life? Post your job and up to three tradesmen will get in touch with you.    

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