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Tips for Furnishing a Holiday Home

Last night, I was talking to my mum about what I’d buy if I won the lottery and we got onto the topic of holiday homes. She’d like a house in Spain, whereas I’d rather stay in hotels abroad and have a holiday home in England for whenever I felt like getting away. Less of a summer holiday home and more of a weekend retreat so to speak. It got me thinking about furnishing a holiday home, whatever the location.

Sometimes, once you’ve made your property your own, it can be a struggle coming up with new ideas. When furnishing a holiday home you don’t want a replica to the home that you already have but at the same time you need to place your individual stamp on your new purchase.

The biggest mistake often begins with the initial approach. You may be using it a bit like a hotel but you need to be careful to keep the cosiness, otherwise it won’t have much of a personality.

Tips for furnishing a holiday home

Bring those personal touches

Hanging family photos on your walls, placing an alarm clock and lamp on your bedside table and placing tea-lights and other little accessories on your sideboard will bring just the right amount of personality to your second home. You don’t have to go overboard. Including photos from your holidays and any gifts that you’ve picked up will keep it different from your main home. A pin board could be one option for a teenager’s bedroom as it’s perfect for pinning postcards and world maps.

furnishing a holiday home

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Revamp like a professional

Why not revamp something that you already have so that you’ve got the personal touch covered? Spraypainting a photo frame or re-upholstering a chair in a different fabric are just two ideas. If you’re not keen on DIY, there’s always the option of hiring a professional upholsterer.

 holiday home furniture

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Fill your wardrobe

Whenever I visit a hotel, the one thing that’s sure to remind me that I’m away is the empty wardrobe space. Filling it with clothes will help you to feel like this isn’t just a temporary home. How far you go towards a complete wardrobe is up to you. I find the idea of doubling up on clothes a little creepy but you could invest in some new pieces – just no jeans or jumpers if you’re always going to visit when the temperature’s warm.

 holiday home decor

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Colour with location in mind

The best way to show off your home is to match your decoration to the home’s location. It may sound obvious but if your home’s abroad, you won’t be very impressed with English country styling. Take advantage of any palm trees nearby and decorate in white to make it light and airy. If you’re based in Spain, you might want to pick up on their love of terracotta in your living room or hallway – if not with the tiles themselves, then with orange hues. If you’re heading somewhere like Canada during winter, consider mixing and matching prints and building texture to create warmth for those minus temperatures.

terracotta tiling

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Put as much thought into your second home as your first and it’s hard to go far wrong.

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