How to decorate a master bedroom

Designing your master bedroom is a great opportunity to create a room that reflects your style, but for this reason bedrooms can be hard to decorate. They are the one room in the house that needs to be truly relaxing, a gentle blend of colour and lighting. Keep comfort in mind as you will spend a lot of time in this room, so it is important to get it just right in terms of comfort and style. A tight colour palette, clever storage to reduce clutter and good lighting are the fundamentals when decorating a master bedroom.

black floral bedroomColour and pattern

Patterns can overwhelm a bedroom, so unless you’re going for kitsch or country, stick to one pattern and incorporate accessories in a complementary accent colour. If you do decide to mix patterns make sure they are of a similar size – don’t mix large and small patterns, it just doesn’t work.

The colour chosen needs to work well both in the morning and evening. If choosing paint colours isn’t your forte, or you are prone to changing your mind, introduce colour with fabrics and soft furnishings.

pretty summer bedroom

The advantage of keeping the walls neutral and infusing colour with soft furnishings is that your bedroom can change with the seasons: light bright and breezy cottons and linens in the summer to heavy woollen knitted throws and sheepskins in the colder months. A coloured throw, an item of painted furniture or colourful cushions are great ways to give neutrals a lift.

These light cottons are perfect for spring and summer and come winter they can be replaced with heavy knits and deep warm winter hues.

Keep everything to scale

It’s important to make sure the furniture fits the dimensions of the room. Large solid furniture squeezing into a small room will only make it look smaller, conversely a large room needs furniture on a large scale to balance the room. The bed is arguably the most important element in a bedroom and it is worth buying the biggest bed the room can take.

Rustic blue knit bedroom


We can only imagine that dimmer switches were designed for the bedroom, the only place you want bright lighting is in the wardrobe or dressing area, they can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s important to use a mixture of lighting in a bedroom.

Wall lights or bed side lamps are ideal task lighting for reading and creating that symmetrical polished hotel look. Ensure that the dressing table area is lit from both sides to avoid shadows and have a switch placed close to the bed, so you can switch off the lights without having to stumble around in the dark.

Black and White bedroom


The key to keeping a bedroom relaxing is storage, clutter is a no no in a bedroom. Unless you’re lucky enough to have the space for a walk in closet, storage can be a problem. Clever storage solutions under the bed or luggage trunks keep clutter at bay. If you prefer free standing storage, pick furniture that is neutral or fits closely with your theme.

statement wardrobe

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