How to decorate your office space

We sit at our desks day in and day out and stare at the same decor from Monday to Friday. Some offices lack an inspiring touch but if you’ve been given your own corporate space, you can spruce it up; pictures of your family, paperclips in cheerful colours, a basil pot or a personalised mug can work wonders.

At we’re growing out of our office and we’re on the lookout for a new one. Until we find the right one however, we’re doing the best we can with the space we’ve got. Here are some tips how we think you can improve your office, without making the move.

Create mood boards – Pin interesting articles, clippings, notes and inspirational office collateral to an available space near your desk. They can give you great ideas and take your work to the next level.

Decorate in style with your brand – Paint a focal wall that mirrors the colour of your brand, add accent colours in the form of lamp shades, cabinets and chairs. Colour really does make a difference in atmosphere, as does lighting. Design is important as it will also make an impression on everyone walking through the door.

Greener living – Bringing in plants make a space warmer and feel more “lived-in”. Beware of any allergies however, and you want to keep plants that are easy to maintain.

Set up a library – Dedicate a corner of your office to a small book shelf. Ask your colleagues to bring in books they’ve read but no longer want and you’ve got yourself a very own library system.

Tidy your work space – You might not have a problem with a cluttered environment but your colleague might be of a different opinion. With so many stylish pen pots, and letter trays around, it’s easy to get organised. If you’re clueless, take a trip to Muji and stock up. You won’t get better office solution ideas.

It’s all about the fruit bowl – If you have a kitchen area, be adamant that you should have a weekly fruit delivery. Snacking on fruit is a lot healthier than eating crisps and it will provide energy towards the end of the day when concentration levels tend to be fairly low.

Here are some top spaces we think fit in an office hall of fame, hopefully, our next office will have a place here too….

The playful office of Skype in Stockholm, Sweden

Sliding down the Google office in Zurich

Selgas Cano Architecture office is merged with nature

Do you feel that it’s time to convince your manager to refurbish your office space? Tell him or her that they can post the job for free and up to three quality, local tradesmen will get in touch to quote. Your manager can read the tradesmen’s previous customer ratings to ensure they get the right tradesman for the job and who knows, your office might be a month away from turning into Google’s headquarters in Zurich.

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