How to get the kids’ rooms organised – storage, space to work and room for friends

September’s more of a fresh start than January when your children are school age, so get their bedrooms organised with space to work, plenty of storage, and room for friends. Try these ideas for fitting everything in and keeping the decor looking fab.

pink desk

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Create desk space

A quiet area for homework is a must-have from a very early age, but desks needn’t look like the school version. Choose one that’s a good-looking piece of furniture that’ll fit in with the rest of the room’s decoration and it’ll have a life in your home far beyond their school years.

To keep a small room feeling spacious, you could opt for a side table style desk with slim legs, creating the work area they need without bulk. Shelves that sit at the back of the desk are a worthwhile extra so the desktop stays as clear as possible.

In a larger room, more conventional desks with drawer or cupboard pedestals will create stash space along with a place to do homework. Modular systems are a worthwhile investment, allowing you to create the optimum combination of desk and storage. Look out for corner desks, too, which might fit better into the layout.

bench storage

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Be clever with storage

If the record-breaking accumulation of stuff is causing friction, boosting storage can smooth family relations a little. Try dual-purpose pieces such as benches, window seats and ottomans that have tidy-away room inside, and invest in beds with built-in or under-bed drawers.

Make sure you include open as well as closed storage, so they can show off favourite things: a hit when they’re very small as well as for older children. When every bit of encouragement’s a bonus, baskets and boxes that can be moved in and out of shelving are also handy to speed up tidying away.

Don’t forget media units either if TVs, consoles and more need to find a home in their bedrooms. Pale painted designs as well as those in light-toned woods will help the room stay bright and a whole lot better looking than light-absorbing high-tech models.

wooden chest of drawers

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Maximise floor area

Someone drawn the short straw and ended up in the box room? When the dimensions of the room aren’t what’s required, get efficient with space. If a bedside cabinet doesn’t fit, try using a chest of drawers by the bed – it’ll provide a place for a table lamp and more on top. Alternatively, pick a wardrobe with hanging space above and drawers below if two separate pieces of furniture just won’t go.

Make the most of the walls in your quest to free up more of the floor. Shelving units and peg rails will use up otherwise dead space and the latter are great for displaying scarves and bags.

underbed storage

Image source: Aspace

Find room for friends

To provide seating when they have mates round, you could opt for floor cushions, which will work where an extra piece of furniture won’t fit. Or try upholstered cubes and beanbags that are simple to move under a desk or dressing table when their friends have gone home.

For sleepovers, get set with trundle and underbeds that can be ready in double-quick time, but won’t get in the way when they’re not needed. Alternatively, try a futon or sofa bed that’ll provide seating before bedtime.

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  1. All your rooms are beautiful but is there any chance you can show ideas for British average size bedrooms, we don’t all live in huge houses with huge rooms thanks maybe bedrooms 9×10 10×13 etc and if course everyone has that curse of a box room too, ie 6×8 thanks if you can help with great ideas

    1. Hi Linda,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! We certainly can, although the tips in the article will also work for smaller rooms too. You’ll notice we’ve mentioned things like opting for a side table style desk with slim legs in a smaller room and using a chest of drawers by the bed instead of a bedside cabinet in a box room.

      Stay tuned for upcoming articles.


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