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How to hire the perfect tradesman

Last week we wrote about Mark Geragthy and his newly-bought house that was falling down. After months of DIY renovation, and a call-out for tradesmen to volunteer to help him, Mark and his fiancee Gudrun’s dream house is finally coming together.

Following his renovation experiences, Mark knows a thing or two about finding the right tradesmen. Here’s his verdict and feedback on the tradesmen he used. Remember, for each and every completed job homeowners rate their tradesmen so the next customer knows what they’re getting. If he’s brilliant – big him up. If he’s a disappointment – tell him.

What were the tradesmen’s best qualities?

Premier Solutions Limited: Ability to work unsupervised and minimum involvement by us and still produce the desired results.  The quality of their workmanship under Nolan’s meticulous supervision was excellent. Always willing to offer advice and highlight concern areas in our home and this included the younger members of the team.

DS Interiors: Without a doubt it was Dan’s empathy and genuine concern for our situation and his reliability when we needed him.  Dan and Alli were very efficient during the installation and skimming of our new dry lined walls which completely transformed our house into a home.

G&F Electrical Services: Mick rarely stopped for breaks and would work very long hours when he was on-site.

Hire-A-Hubby: Simon’s knowledge and can do attitude at the beginning.

P.M Plumbing and Heating: Pete was called in to help us at 9:30 in the evening to plumb our kitchen ready for the installation the next day.  Since then Pete has always been there for us and is now fitting our Thermaskirting, helping us with tiling, bricklaying and anything else we are not sure on how to fix.  He is helpful, considerate, friendly, honest and always happy plus he gets the job done.  Perfect!

What constructive advice can you give about your tradesmen?

Premier Solutions Limited: Keep up the good work.

DS Interiors: Keep to plastering and skimming work and lose your joiner/kitchen fitter.

G&S Electrical Services: If you cannot make an appointment let your customer know and answer their calls.  Apply identification tags to the cables for future electricians and home owners.

Hire-A-Hubby: Don’t promise what you cannot deliver and improve the skill level of your staff.

P.M Plumbing and Heating: Stay as you are!

What would you recommend to other homeowners hiring tradesmen?

  1. Always read the comment/reviews on Rated People about the tradesman.
  2. Always confirm they are affiliated with an accredited organisation.  This doesn’t always mean problems can be resolved by them but they can help if your tradesman’s work falls below the standard of their workmanship.
  3. Always ask for references from your tradesman before work commences and don’t be afraid to contact them.
  4. Always write a detailed, bullet by bullet point description of the work you need him to do. Never assume he will do it to your standards until he proves himself. Always leave a copy, or two, on-site and in your car!
  5. Always remember they are there to make your house a home and it’s your home!
  6. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and prepare the house/room before your tradesman arrives as this can reduce your cost.

Thanks Mark for your help and input!

A note from us: It’s important to rate a tradesman even though they haven’t done a job well done. Give constructive feedback so the tradesman can improve and has a chance to understand what went wrong. This will help the tradesman and also his next customer. Similarly, if a tradesman has been exceptional he deserves all the accolades in the world. It’s all about communication and making this clear.

If you want to hire the perfect tradesman, post your job on and up to three quality, local tradesmen will get in touch with quotes. Read their ratings and pick the right one for you. 

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