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How to impress with round windows

We’ve all lived with rectangular and square windows for so long that we don’t seem to give them much thought. What if I told you that you could add a whole new dimension to a space, by swapping them for their rounded counterparts? The best thing about them is that just as with the traditional window shape, they aren’t restricted to a single room. When they don’t look so good, it’s normally a direct result of not giving enough thought to the room itself and the surrounding textures, materials and colours at work. I don’t know about you but my biggest no-no is the peephole, “I’m on a boat” look.

To help you make that visual jump from boat to house, I’ve tracked down some of my favourite designs. Hopefully, they’ll do their bit to inspire you!

Opposite the bedside table

The positioning of these round windows is ideal. Set directly across from the bedside tables, they illuminate the table displays, while making sure that the bed itself is kept in the shade. If your bedroom’s features include an extended wall and a recessed area, you can raise the bar on the clever manipulation of light and shade here.

Bathroom gazing

Many of us shy away from a window opposite our bathtub, out of fear that a stranger could look in. It’s definitely not going to please everyone but if your bathroom view is your own back garden or it’s even more secluded, you might want to give the bathroom gazer some thought.  Alternatively, place the window slightly higher than your bathtub, so that you would have to be peering in with your face pressed against the glass, to catch a glimpse.

Taking things higher

What better way to balance out your home’s many straight edges, than by adding some curves into the mix? Designs Northwest Architects pay close attention to architectural detail in order to help their round window shine. Entry is through a gate with an archway that mirrors the window above. As it’s closer to the ground, the archway circle is larger – giving a one-of-the-kind, true to perspective finish.

Framing a view

If you’re lucky enough to look out onto open fields or a nearby river, a round window could encourage you to give that view centre-stage. This view may be of the beautiful Ocean Boulevard but the idea easily crosses all 5456 miles. Having a round window in such close proximity to the straight-edged window sill below, has a cinematic appeal. You can picture lifting up the window to reveal the view. All that’s needed is a remote-controlled window opening system…

The hole in the door

Okay, so there aren’t actually any windows here but the round mirrors could easily pass for glass cut out windows. I like the idea of installing a round window in a door, to separate the kitchen from the dining room. In a minimalist or industrial themed home, it would be perfect for allowing children to see how dinner’s progressing without getting under your feet. If ‘minimalist’ and ‘industrial’ don’t describe your home, fear not, it can still work, it’ll just look quirky!

Credit for all images belongs to Houzz.

Do any of these five designs inspire you? Let us know by commenting below or sending us a Tweet! If you’re already sold on the idea, post your job and up to three window and conservatory specialists will get in touch with you. 

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