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How to improve kitchens & bathrooms – guest post by Phil Spencer

Kitchens and bathrooms are really important rooms to get right as updating them can add value to your property. They’re no longer just functional rooms, the kitchen for instance is now at the heart of the modern family home, and bathrooms aren’t just a utilitarian space.

Adding value is about making your house the most attractive in the street, so if you do decide to sell it will get more attention from buyers than other similar properties, sell quicker and for a higher price. However, it’s worth remembering that the cost of the project does not necessarily always add an equal amount to the asking price, so you’ll need to think carefully about the project and how you execute it. There are a few golden rules to getting it right, watch the video to find out more.

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer doesn’t need much of an introduction, he’s TV’s most well-known property presenter, having co-presented Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation for over 10 years. Phil'ls blog posts focus on adding value and advice/ tips for when you're buying or selling your house.

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