Quick House Maintenance Tasks

Maintaining your home often stretches no further than a spot of cleaning and taking the rubbish out once a week. It’s particularly easy to forget those all important tasks that you don’t need to do on a daily basis. Dismiss them altogether though and you’ll never keep up with the Joneses. Why not set a morning aside to carry out house maintenance tasks and give your home some TLC?

Test your smoke alarms

All smoke alarms are fitted with two parts – a sensor to detect smoke and a horn which sounds loudly to attract your attention. They save thousands of lives each year but they’re no good if they’ve stopped working. Test yours by pressing the “test” or “reset” button. If you hear the warning sound and it’s loud, there’s no need to take any action. If the sound’s faint, or worse, silent, you’ll need to change the battery.

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Clean out the tumble dryer

Whether you have a standalone dryer or a combined washer and dryer, you’ll have an inbuilt filter which collects the fluff generated from drying your clothes. Once the fluff builds up, your clothes won’t dry as quickly. I’m definitely guilty of neglecting to clean mine out until it’s too late. As it’s not on show, I only tend to find out once my clothes take double the time to dry. Dig out the manual from the back of the cupboard or look up how to remove and clean yours online. The last thing you want is a clean but broken filter.

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Fix the hinges

Stop your front door and internal doors from squeaking by inspecting the hinges. Rub them with glycerin-free soap (your average soap will cause them to rust) and olive oil to lubricate them. A few drops on a cloth will do. If the squeakiness is persistent and soap and olive oil haven’t been any help, use a hammer to gently dislodge each hinge pin in your internal doors. Cover the pin in petroleum jelly before placing it back into the hinge itself.

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Replace a broken tile

Whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, many of us have the odd broken tile that makes a room look unloved. If you have a replacement tile stashed away, take half an hour out of your day to swap them over. First remove the grouting around the old tile using a knife or grouting saw. Next, hold a cloth over the broken tile and hit it with a hammer until all of the pieces are easy to remove. Chisel out the adhesive, replace it with new adhesive using a putty knife and then position the new tile into place. Finish up by grouting around the tile. You’ll change the whole look of the room in a matter of minutes.

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If you’re struggling to find the time for cleaning and house maintenance why not speak to one of our trusted cleaning professionals?

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