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When you sign up as a tradesman on you’re faced with using a new service in a whole new way. We’re not a directory and there are many features on the site that require you to be pro-active. This can be quite overwhelming sometimes, and frustrating at other times.

We realise that you’re spending valuable money and we want you to get the most out of the service. Here are some easy tricks aimed to help when you’re starting out, so you can build your reputation and win more jobs.

1. Go for the smaller jobs

If you’re new to the service and have yet to acquire any ratings, you might find it’s harder to win work. Every tradesman using the service go through the same experience before they get their first customer rating. Instead of bidding for high value jobs, aim for jobs with a lower budget and that are urgent. Homeowners tend to go for the first tradesman who quote for these kinds of jobs, as they need help quickly.

2. Stay on top of leads

Remember to check the date and time when a job’s been posted as there’s a better chance of winning jobs when the lead is fresh. If it’s 6 hours old, chances are that other tradesmen have been in touch before you. Contact the homeowner straight away when you receive their contact details.

3. Share your previous references

If you don’t have any ratings on, there’s nothing stopping you from mentioning previous customer references over the phone when you’re calling the homeowner.

4. Upload photos and include qualifications on your website 

To impress homeowners you should include as many details as possible on your personal website. Take the opportunity to show off your previous projects and also include a photo of yourself and/or your team. It might seem obvious but photos that are blurry or have a finger in the way won’t look professional, so don’t include these.

Include qualifications, and any sort of training you’ve undergone too. Anything that can show that you’re the most qualified tradesman and that you’re the most interested in the job, will help.

 6. Preparing the quote 

Take time to understand the customer and what he or she wants. Some of our tradesmen say that for larger projects they build a small scale model of the project they quote for or provide a booklet with photos, calculations and estimations. A good idea is to scope out the project and estimate how long it’s going to take from start to finish and what the stages in between (for example week by week) will involve.

If you need more help, please contact our customer support team. They’re there to assist you and answer any questions you might have about the service. Give them a call 0800 953 3002 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm). 

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