How to make the most of your closet

Clothes spilling out and shoes tumbling onto the floor as you open the closet door… Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, the best home improvements that we can involve working with the space that we have rather than building to add on the metres.

This is certainly true when it comes to our closets.

We may dream of walk-in wardrobes (very Sex and the City) but by making better use of the space we can create a compact solution that won’t detract from our home’s value. The more space-efficient your home is, the more impressed your visitors will be – whether they are your personal friends or potential home buyers.

Start with the doors

By zoning off a space with a set of doors, you place a limit on its size. Removing the doors will create a seamless divide between your closet and surrounding room and allow the closet to cheat size by borrowing inches from the leading room. By having your possessions out on show, it will also encourage you to keep the space neat and tidy which will increase how you perceive its size!

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Work vertically

If you haven’t got width on your side, then making the most of your closet’s vertical height is the right solution. Narrow shelves will house your accessories, while wall hooks will lift any bags and accommodate bulky coats and jumpers. By introducing a splash of colour to the back wall, you can add extra inches too.

My top tip: striped wallpaper or paint. Stripes are one of those classic designs that won’t go out of fashion so you can keep your closet on-trend until you’re ready for a refresher. Both vertical and horizontal lines will give you illusion of space – just steer clear of a combination of the two or else it’ll have the opposite effect. Vertical lines will elongate the space, while horizontal will widen it – so the type of stripes that you should opt for will depend on where your closet’s lacking.

Incorporate parallel lines

Parallel lines work together to free up space. By investing in shelving, you’ll be complementing the previous tip that I’ve shared with you by raising the contents of your wardrobe. If you opt for a horizontal striped design, be careful to line up the shelving. Likewise, if horizontal shelving is a certainty, then a horizontal striped paint or wallpaper design will work best in the space.

If you don’t need as much storage space but just want to add extra inches, then you can make the space appear larger by investing in adjustable shelving to increase the space as and when you need it. While shelving will free up space, the larger the gaps between each shelf, the greater the area you will appear to have.

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Mix and match your storage solutions

Some storage solutions will be a better fit than others. Your shoes will be best off in a shoe rack, accessories like gloves and scarves will be best off on a narrow shelf or in a wicker basket and dresses and suits will need to be hung along a pole to stay crease-free. Tiered coat-hangers are a good way of making the most of height and they’ll be a lifesaver if you’ve got more clothes than you can count. By mixing and matching your storage solutions, you’ll make your closet look organised and space efficient, as well as keep each item in top condition.

For help with creating a custom built closet space, post your job and up to three local carpenters or traditional craftsmen will get in touch with you. Browse their profile pages for ratings and customer recommendations before selecting the right person for the job.


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