How to make your home cosy for the winter months

The big chill is upon us, it’s time to invest in some winter warmers and cosy up next to an open fire.

Changing accessories and soft furnishings in keeping with the seasons is easier than you may think. If you keep your walls and floors neutral, it is easy to play with different colour schemes and materials to keep your interiors looking fresh. Winter style is all about cosy fabrics, warm colours and soft lighting. To turn your home into a winter wonderland think: warm colours, deep pile rugs, fluffy woollen throws and rustic country accessories.

1. Welsh Plaid blankets from Jen Jones 2. 8-arm-round chandelier from The French Bedroom Company 3. Tweed footstool from London Cows  4. Sheep’s skin rug from John Lewis  5. Draught excluder from Cath Kidston

The Rules

When accessorising your home for the Winter months remember Ideal Home’s 3 Golden Rules:

1. The 70-20-10 Rule To maintain a balanced theme in a room keep 70% of the room in one colour, typically the walls and the floors, 20% in a second colour and 10% in an accent colour.

2. The Pattern Rule Only mix large and medium or medium and small patterns, never large and small. Bykeeping a colour in common you will keep some coordination without looking to uniformed and ‘matched’.

3. The Painted Box Rule Paint looks different in different lights, time of day and size of room. Buy a tester pot and paint a few coats on the inside of a box, a miniature room, so you can see how the colour changes in a 3D environment.

A winter wardrobe

Without needing to completely redecorate a room you can transform its dressings from summer to winter, think of it as a summer and winter wardrobe for your home.

Hang heavier curtains in the winter and draw them at night to keep the heat in and reduce your heating bill. During the winter, around 40% of heat lost is through windows, heavy lined curtains are an investment that could save you money during a harsh winter. To keep heat loss to a minimum ensure the curtain drops below the window frame. For the ultimate winter window dressing opt for a plaid blind and linen curtains to keep the draughts out.

Add warmth with throws, using rich warm colours in luxuriously textured fabrics such as wool, velvet and chenille. When it comes to cushions and throws, in the winter, you can never have to many.

Wooden and hard floors have become increasingly popular but as a result many homes, especially period properties, are draughtier than ever. Rugs are a quick and easy way to reduce draughts and warm up a room. Place rugs by beds and sofas so that you never have to put your feet onto a cold floor.

Draught excluders are an easy way to make your home more comfortable on a windy day. The below the door is a prime draught location for letting warm air out and a draught of cold air in. A draught excluder not only stops those nasty draughts but it can reduce your energy bills.

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