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How to pull off the bohemian vibe

The term, ‘bohemian’ dates back to the 19th century when a group of artists and poets believed in living in an unconventional manner. Nowadays, we’ve embraced the term on a larger scale within home design as we dedicate ourselves to making our homes unique. Boho was born out of a desire to rebel against boundaries and it’s a concept that fits perfectly with the best approach to home design. Ultimately, aside from planning permission constraints, every one of us should have the freedom to create a home that we feel comfortable in – especially as we spend a lot of time in them.

Most people have a preconception of boho as dated and mystical, conjuring up an image akin to a fortune teller’s hut. It’s not entirely inaccurate because the multi-cultural influences can have a certain degree of spirituality about them but you can still add a boho flair to a lighter and more modern property. This loft is a shining example of how clever selection of lighting and home accessories can be all that’s needed to create the right impression.

Image Source: decor8

The main thing is to incorporate items with around the world links. It’s easy enough to pick up a momento on your annual holiday or look for hidden treasures closer to home in charity shops or quirky marketplaces. An unusual lamp or distressed table can work wonders.

If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, the easiest way to approach the boho look is to find a golden framed mirror – the darker the better to give a more authentic vintage appearance, no matter how recent its production. The more decorative of frames will have the greatest effect and you can give yours an artistic twist by using string lights to act as a highlighter, drawing your eye towards the frame. My tip is to embrace fluffy fairy lights as anything floaty is an instant triumph thanks to its close association with the hippy movement and free spirit.

Image Source: Lonny

After you’ve got the mirror sorted, you can move on to the furnishing. Your best friend is the throw, draped over your sofa or bedframe. Layer as much as possible and don’t worry about clashing colours and patterns. Loose coverings in vibrant shades will add a richness to your interior space and this can extend to your curtains if you’re feeling brave!

Image Source: Pinterest

Meanwhile, the rustic charm of pallets will allow you to proudly display those global gifts that you’ve accumulated. A fresh alternative to the cupboard or shelf, there’s no doubt that simple can be stylish.

 Image Source: Pinterest


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