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How to stage your home before selling it – guest post by Fiona Fullerton

If you’re selling your home it needs to be presented in a specific way, unfortunately a lot of people don’t realise how important this is in the current market. Staging your home won’t increase its value, it will, however, help it sell quicker. Watch the video for my tips on how to stage your home.

And remember…

– Present the bathroom room in the nicest possible way: put the toilet lid down!

– De-clutter, put personal items away

– Keep the space as open as possible. If there’s too much furniture buyers aren’t able to walk around the room easily and the room can feel smaller than it is; the flow of the room is very important

– Let as much light in as possible. Removing the curtains may be inconvenient while you’re still living in the property, but for the amount of extra light it lets in, it’s worth it

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Fiona Fullerton

Property expert, writer, TV presenter and former actress – Fiona Fullerton’s career is as varied as it is impressive. She has a portfolio of flats, houses and offices in London and Oxford, which she also manages. She shares her extensive knowledge of the property world in your blog posts.

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