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How to stay safe in your home

It’s often not until something terrible happens that we decide to take action; that broken lock or empty fire extinguisher can wait until next week, can’t it?

If like me and many others who, amongst this chaos have realised that: their smoke detector doesn’t work, they have no fire extinguisher and no contents insurance, it’s better late than never to get these things organised!

Here are some things to check around your property to keep you and your family safe and sound.

Locks on windows and doors Make sure locks on doors and windows are secure and fit dead locks on all exterior doors. Remember even the strongest locks don’t work unless they are used; always lock your doors when you go out – even for a few minutes – and dead lock exterior doors at night.

Smoke alarms Check smoke alarms on a weekly basis. The primary job for a smoke alarm is to protect you from fires while you’re asleep. A smoke alarm should be fitted on every storey of your home. If you have a smoke alarm fitted in your home you are half as likely to die in a fire – it’s a no brainer!

Fire extinguishers Place a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place, on every floor of your home. Having a fire extinguisher close to hand means you can deal with petty fires yourself, before they escalate and you can also be on hand to help your neighbours who aren’t as prepared.

Alarm systems Alarms are like locks, they are a deterrent. A quick fix that will deter looters or thieves is a ‘dummy’ alarm box that can be fitted to the front of your house and only costs £9.99, from Maplin.

Fake it If you’re leaving you property vacant for any period of time and are worried that it appears obviously empty, why not invest in a remote phone switcher that allows you to turn on appliances – such as the radio or CD player – from your phone, from any location. Available from specialist electrical stores and online at, £76.58.

Keep stum! Be careful what you say, don’t broadcast that you will be leaving your property vacant, or brag about you new 52 inch plasma TV, or leave the packaging outside the front door. Seems like common sense but be careful what you say in ear shot of people you don’t know.

Remove small valuables If you have a safe make sure it is well hidden and well used! If you don’t have a secure place to store keepsakes and valuables remove them and keep them somewhere else if you are worried.

Even small improvements can make you and your family feel safer in your home and deter prospective looters and thieves. These are all quick and easy additions/improvements that can be done yourself but if you need a helping hand post you job on We will put you in contact with up to 3 local tradesmen who will be happy to help you make your home more secure.

Stay safe and let us know if you have any other advice on how to feel secure in you home.

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