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Ideal Home Show: Only Fools and Horses

The Only Fools and Horses re-fit is expected to be big at this year’s Ideal Home Show. That might have a little something to do with Boycie making an appearance, but the concept behind the interior sets is brilliant.

ideal home show only fools and horses

Step back in time to the replica flat and you get a real feel for the gaudiness of 1980’s decor. Just look at the colour combinations at work in those living room curtains! And who can forget the iconic cocktail bar, not to mention those floral armchairs and animal throws, extending into the bedroom through the duvet cover.

ideal home show exhibition

As wonderful as the flat looks, the most interesting thing here is George Clarke’s re-fit. How could Del-Boy and Rodney transform their flat for the modern day, to use the best of their space?

The answer – invest in multi-purpose furniture. A mirrored panel unfolds into a bed, leaving the floor space free for a gym session.

the ideal home show

ideal home show 2013

In the living room, a folding cabinet unfolds to reveal an extra bed – handy for the one bedroom flat owner who doesn’t want to turn away a guest.

ideal home show interior design

As George admits, there are a few limitations. The living room cabinet isn’t as quick and easy to unfold as the bedroom but you can see how it could be developed with a bit of extra work. Likewise, if George were to develop the bedroom further, he would “have more full height and more integrated storage” but his ‘first draft’ is still a strong one.

Taking out the door dividing the kitchen from the living room is in keeping with this year’s open plan mentality. But while the kitchen is now on display, it has returned to its basic function – to cook. The washing machine, such a central part of our kitchens to date, has been relocated to its own utility room to free up the space.

ideal home show kitchen

Taking this one step further are the bi-fold doors which seamlessly connect the inside to the outside in order to make the space feel bigger.

While the design may not be for everyone, it’s got masses of appeal for professionals and young couples who are keen to move into small-scale let. And with a colour palette of cool blue, purple, white and silver, there’s no psychedelic carpet in sight!

The Ideal Home Show is located at London’s Earl’s Court and runs until the 1st April 2013. To find a tradesman to help you with your next home improvement project, post your job for free on, where up to three tradesmen will get in touch.

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