Improve your dad’s home with our £1,000 competition

There are 2 types of DIY Dad in this world.

  • The dad who does it all.
  • The dad who does it all (badly).

Whether they deserve a day off, or you just want to give your nerves a break, we’re here to #doitfordad.

Father’s Day is fast approaching so here’s your chance to nominate your dad (or anyone else who’s been your go-to person for fixing stuff like your grandpa, step-dad or uncle) for a £1,000 home improvement. It’s on us, and we’ll find one of our great tradespeople to do the job. Enter our competition here.

Stuck for ideas?

We called on a few of the tradespeople who use our site to give you some inspiration.

Electrical improvements to make your dad smile

Andrew, Managing Director of Cairns Didge Electrical in Cambridge reckons £1,000 could go quite far when it comes to electrical jobs.

“£1,000 could get a new fuse box fitted, with all the up-to-date safety features; or it could put in some fancy new sockets (we like the ones with a USB charger in them). It could even make your garden a fully-functioning outdoor room with some great garden lighting.”

These jobs not only make his home more comfortable, but safer too, so it’s a double win for dad.

Give your dad’s pad a facelift

Ken, the owner of Affordable Property Repairs in Balham, London, told us that £1,000 could make a difference to several places around the home.

“You could remove and replace laminate worktops, including all the fiddly fitting round appliances like the hob. Or maybe it’s the tiling that lets the place down? £1,000 could re-tile a whole kitchen (depending on how expensive your dad’s taste in tiles is!).”

Ken also says that £1,000 could get you a new length of garden wall or even sand and finish the floors in a two-bed flat. All noticeable things that could really improve your dad’s home.

A grand’s worth of decorating

Darren, a painter-decorator working around Leeds, Sheffield and Hull, suggests using £1,000 “to re-paint and finish the inside of a small house, an entire 2-bed apartment, or make over a lounge/dining room and kitchen”.

Is your old bedroom still covered in posters from your teenage years? Why not help your dad reclaim the room for guests or learning the guitar? Whatever your dad’s hobbies, £1,000 can go a long way towards transforming a home if you choose to indulge in a bit of painting and decorating work.

Inspired by how far you can get with £1,000? If you think your dad deserves some work done for him, enter enter our competition here, telling us what you’d like done and why he deserves it.


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