Improving energy efficiency ‘can be cheap’

Making a home energy efficient does not have to be expensive, one expert has claimed, which is news that could interest builders in Leeds.

According to Phillipa Forrester, there are basic measures that can be implemented such as loft insulation and draught excluders.

As well as this, the issue of education is one that cannot be “underestimated”, Ms. Forrester stated, before adding: “Education is about sharing information and not necessarily a one way street.”

She added with some research householders can discover a number of ways to save on their energy.

The specialist observed once people see their electricity bills drop, they will realise the benefits of the measures.

As well as this, Ms. Forrester remarked people can also enjoy the “feel good factor” as they know they are helping to cut back on carbon emissions.

Her comments come after a recent study by Anglian Home Improvements found 16 per cent of people will not be turning their heating on until November.

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