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In the style of: James Bond

The new James Bond movie Skyfall has received fantastic reviews and this time it seems as if critics and punters agree, it’s a winner. The appeal of James Bond doesn’t only include guns, ladies and explosions (that’s standard for any thriller these days), its legacy is much more than that. Gadgets, cars and sexy venues, James Bond is as much a design concept as he is the world’s most famous spy.

Image source: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Whether we prefer Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan as Bond, one has to admit that Daniel Craig has made quite an impact with his interpretation. It’s one thing that Ursula Andress made that bikini famous, but Craig? His blue swimming trunks from Casino Royale were auctioned off at Christie’s for £44,450. How much do you think Connery would get for his terry cloth onesie in Goldfinger? Craig has definitely managed to get the James Bond franchise back on track.

Image source: The Barbican

Bond’s fashion sense is always a hot topic, but what about the design in the films? The setting is every bit as important for the plot, just imagine MI6 without M’s ultra-polished office. If we imagined we got a sneak peek into Bond’s flat, what would it look like? As he’s the inherent bachelor it’s easy to assume he would favour the monochrome, sleek and minimalistic. In Skyfall, we learn that his pad has been sold, but here’s how we think the new one would look.

The most cherished  accessory would obviously be the Royal Doulton bulldog ‘Jack’, which plays an important role in Skyfall. However, we’re not so sure that the rest of the pad would look as kitchy. Knoll’s iconic Barcelona chair (top left), designed by Mies van der Rohe, makes an appearance in Casino Royale. The mounted stag/deer head, a big trend for 2012, is a nod to Bond’s upbringing in Scotland – something which is also touched upon in Skyfall.

For someone who’s so picky about his drinks, it’s obvious that they would have the right set of Martini glasses and a cocktail shaker; although Martinis we all know he prefers stirred. The desk, from Albini, looks inconspicuous but we imagine the box has secret compartments for all the MI6 secrets Bond’s sitting on. The black brogue, Eclectic by Tom Dixon, could potentially also hide something very important, although mostly it would fill the function as a sturdy door stop. The metal case, which looks like an attaché  case is in fact a coffee table book by Visionaire. You wouldn’t have thought Bond just did normal books, would you?

Finally, everyone, even Bond, would need to sit down for a cuppa once in a while. The Marimekko urban style cup and tray would certainly look the masculine part. And what about the cacti? It’s an obvious one, isn’t it? With such a busy schedule, no one in their right mind would be able to keep any geraniums alive.

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