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Inside Cameron Diaz’s jewellery box apartment

American actress Cameron Diaz is best known for playing the cute, blonde bombshell who’s attractive in a silly, tomboyish way. When she’s not playing lead roles in There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels or The Holiday, she indulges in her love of interior design. Her apartment is the result of hard work collaborating with designer Kelly Wearstler and she’s the first to admit that she’s “really going to miss those four-hour-long meetings” where she got to “look at, touch, and talk about beautiful things”.

What I love most of all about Cameron’s home is the colour palette. She’s gone for burnished metals mixed with minerals from onyx to rose gold, silver and copper. Even the guest bathroom has pinx onyx walls and a vanity top, along with a brass sink and fittings by Waterworks. There’s a clear room to room harmony and the colours are subtly warming without needing to be fiery red.

She’s also embraced Kelly’s love of jewels, without going for that tacky, diamond encrusted look that you might expect to see on MTV Cribs. Bronze knobs are scattered along a bathroom cabinet, mottled glass and metal light fixtures jump from room to room and the living room has rose petal wallpaper set off by mirrored walls. As she says, “it’s a bit like living in a jewellery box”.

The bedroom doesn’t escape the star treatment either. Silk bedlinens accompany the onyx plaster wallcovering and the jewellery box theme is continued with the black silk lined drawers and hammered metal door. Each room has its own star quality, whether it’s the silk lined drawers or the Murano glass chandelier in the living room that’s the talking point.

Her kitchen marks a departure from all the glamour but manages to fit with the rest of the home, thanks to the unlacquered brass backsplash, counter and sink. Here, you’ll find the homely touch as lacquered green cabinets meet the ebony stained wooden flooring.

The whole apartment is rich in personality and there’s no doubting it’s unique. That’s all you can really hope for in a home, isn’t it?

Credit for all images belongs to Elle Decor.

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