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Insulation ‘will help households save money’

With many people in the UK increasingly focusing on the energy-efficiency of their homes, the time may have come to invest in green solutions and features that can help to reduce consumption and subsequently drive down energy bills.

Neil Marshall, chief executive of the National Insulation Association (NIA), has identified insulation as one of the top products on the market in this area. Indeed, he noted it provides a guaranteed route to financial savings, while homeowners can be satisfied with the fact they are doing their bit for the environment too.

He said in a typical British home, some two-thirds of all heat will escape through the walls and roof when insulation is not in place. It is therefore easy to see the potential for home improvements in energy terms that insulation offers.

The expert went on to suggest it makes absolute sense to invest in the material. Britons could look towards a professional builder or other tradesman to carry out the work.

“By installing cavity wall and loft insulation, savings of up to £310 per year can be made and the payback period can be as little as one to three years. The savings for insulating solid walls and lofts are even more substantial, at up to £635 per year,” Mr Marshall stated.

The NIA offered a number of statistics that illustrate the benefits of adding insulation to a home. For instance, if all the properties in the UK that are suitable for solid wall insulation had it applied, some 14 million tonnes of CO2 would be saved each year.

With this in mind, the addition of insulation could be one of the must-have home improvements of 2012 and beyond, among both those who love to save money and people who want to protect the environment.

If you want to invest in insulation for your home in order to save money immediately, why not take a look at and choose a highly-rated and qualified tradesman to carry out the work?

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