Is bigger really better?

Larger home improvements are in vogue, it has been claimed.

Extensions, bathroom and kitchen remodellings and loft conversions are the order of the day in today’s properties, according to Grand Designs Magazine.

“People are still willing to spend … budgets are anything from £30,000 to £150,000,” a spokesperson for the publication said.

These claims are substantiated by recent research from AA Personal Loans, which revealed one in four of the nation’s homes is set to increase in size before the end of the economic downturn.

However, the motivations for such actions differ across the country.

In the south-east, having room for dinner parties and socialising is high on the agenda with around three in ten home owners in Southampton (30%), Brighton (33%) and London (28%) planning to create extra space for home entertainment purposes.

Meanwhile, further north, in Leeds half of people (49%) building an extension wish to create an extra bedroom and the motivation is the same in Liverpool (45%) and Manchester (28%).

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