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Is Frank Lampard Britain’s worst neighbour?

Footballer Frank Lampard bought his white stucco-fronted home in Chelsea 7 years ago. His controversal renovation plans were approved, yet they’re showing no sign of being finished.

Frank has impressive ideas for his six-bedroom town-house; the £800,000 renovation includes an underground swimming pool and a gymnasium. His neighbours, who were furious when his plans were approved, have now been suffering from the building work on their door steps for almost a decade. Even more frustratingly, work appears to be at a stand still, with scaffolding and polythene masking the frontage of the house.

His neighbours live in hope that he may decide to move, but after 7 long years of development it’s unlikely that Frank and his fiancée, Dancing On Ice’s Christine Bleakley, will want to sell up before it’s completed. And who knows how much longer it will take to finish!

Many local residents dislike celebrity footballers moving into the area, claiming they don’t have the class to match their bank balances. Earning 130,000 per week, this home improvement project isn’t likely to affect his bank balance but, surely Frankie is more classy than many a footballer in Chelsea.

Lampard is not alone in his dreams to rip the heart out of his period home, only to replace it with a state of the art modern interior. How many of these Victorian properties are now just a front for a modern minimalist home, stripped off period features and charm? So with this trend to rip down coving and tear out fireplaces, you have to wonder, why do people buy these properties only to remodel them like a modern penthouse?

Flashy postcodes and footballers with flashing cash could well lead to the demise of Chelsea and Kensington’s traditional classy Victorian town houses. Perhaps local residents are right, these all cash and no class neighbours could be the death of Chelsea’s prestige.

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