Is your front door ready for Christmas?

Advent starts in a few weeks and it won’t be long before house exteriors are covered in decorative Christmas lights. Festive lights may not be to everyone’s taste, but a wreath on the front door is likely to deck even the most conservative home at Christmas.

Blue Christmas door traditional entry

If the paint on your front door is pealing, bubbling or just looking a bit tired, now is the time to freshen it up in preparation for the holiday season.

It is not recommended to paint exterior wood when the temperature is below 5 degree Celsius. In colder temperatures the bonding agents in the paint do not activate properly and when colder or warmer temperatures hit, the paint is likely to fail, or at the least the finish will be compromised. On the up side there is still time before the big freeze hits to get your front door ready to receive guests.

In many cultures the front door is considered to be very important, the ‘mouth’ of the home, where energy enters your home and opportunities find you. The colour that you choose to paint your front door says a lot about you so think carefully about what shade you choose: blue is considered to bring prosperity, calm and peace.

Yellow represents confidence and humour while green is for peace and harmony.

Throughout history, white has been seen as pure, representing serenity, but purple is the most powerful of all and is said to bring opportunities to the people beyond it.

The most welcoming of all however, is the red door. In Feng Shui, red means ‘welcome’, and what better colour to complement your Christmas decorations? Homeowners in Scotland often paint their doors red once they have paid off their mortgages!

between naps on the porch traditional entry


If you want to Feng Shui your front door, work out what direction it faces and get some colour swatches.

South (Fire) = Reds, pink, burgundy
Southwest (Earth) = Yellows or browns
West (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold
Northwest (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold
North (Water) = Blacks or blues
Northeast (Earth) = Yellows or browns
East (Wood) = Greens
Southeast (Wood) = Greens

What ever colour you decide to paint your door, make sure you use a quality local tradesman, who will professionally prep and paint your door, so that it will stay looking great for years to come. Post your job on to find a quality painter/decorator in your local area, who has been reviewed and rated by previous customers in your local community. 

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