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It’s time for spring cleaning – guest post by Fiona Fullerton

There must be something in the air. Spring may be a little late gracing us with its presence, but I’ve started clearing out and spring-cleaning like mad. I do absolutely adore chucking things out and drive my children mad with demands for more stuff to take to the charity shop.

Mops up!

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When they were small, at Christmas and birthdays we had a one in, one out policy, otherwise their bedrooms simply became a war-zone. Now I’m becoming positively obsessed about paring everything down to an absolute minimum.

I’ve done the kitchen and now we can’t find the cheese grater!! (I’m sure I didn’t put that in the box for Oxfam.) Books galore are being boxed up but it takes a while because suddenly one will catch my eye and I’m sitting on the floor reading for 40 minutes. I took an entire dinner service to the local auction rooms (fancy crockery not my thing anymore) and surprisingly received £280.00 for it! Result. Didn’t think I’d get a fiver, so you never know.

Spring cleaning

The thing is, I find it all so satisfying. We all have too much ‘stuff’ and de-cluttering or simplifying ones home can be really liberating. If you are thinking of putting your house on the market then start now with the cardboard boxes and the sorting out because there is no point moving all that stuff to another home if you don’t need it anyway. A friend of mine moved down here to the Cotswolds two years ago and has 37 boxes in her dining room that remain unpacked! I told her if she hasn’t used, or missed, any of the contents, she should get rid of the lot.

Plastic storage boxes are an ideal way to stay on top of the clutter and perfect for children’s toys or to archive all the old photos or bank statements. My husband collects classic car magazines and won’t let me throw any away, so they are currently languishing in stackable boxes until he comes to his senses!

Spring cleaning

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Freshening up a badly scuffed or marked wall takes no time at all and can give the appearance of having had the whole room done. I also like cleaning all the lights, lamps and wall lights for a crisp look. Hoovering the insides of curtains (the bit against the windows) is essential to keep the spiders at bay and, of course, cleaning the windows too. The rubber seals on the washing machine and fridge need to be cleaned as well and I use a solution of vinegar and water for that. In fact, vinegar is my secret weapon. It is brilliant for cleaning windows and for removing fatty residue around the oven.

Then all I need is my carpet and upholstery cleaner, Bryan, to come in for three hours and everything will look like new. I’m sure RatedPeople have got a Bryan near you.

Fiona Fullerton

Property expert, writer, TV presenter and former actress – Fiona Fullerton’s career is as varied as it is impressive. She has a portfolio of flats, houses and offices in London and Oxford, which she also manages. She shares her extensive knowledge of the property world in your blog posts.

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