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Up for rent: the former home of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

Back in the mid 1990’s, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss lived in her New York apartment and news stories circulated about late night parties and champagne baths. Whether true or otherwise, there were many people who wished that they could trade places with the stars or at least join the celebrity circle.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to know that the former couple’s old home has been put on the market to rent – for £11,412 a month no less. My first question on hearing the news was what could warrant such a high pricetag?

It turns out that it’s got a little something to do with its history and how the 1,800 square feet have been put to use.


For starters, the Greenwich Village property dates back to the 19th century and its location is the envy of many. Actresses Emma Stone and Julianne Moore along with designer Marc Jacob live nearby and privacy comes at a premium here as the home is set back away from the street and protected by private gardens. Of course, the garden isn’t a patch of grass but rather an expanse of lawn set over two levels, incorporating a patio that’s ideal for the summer months.

Indoors, you’ll find a living room to marvel at – original exposed brick walls and a wood burning fireplace make this property homely while 25 foot ceilings make the room look anything but small. A skylight reaching across the entire home is the cherry on top, flooding rooms with light to ensure that they appear modern without sacrificing the authenticity provided by the retaining of the original details. Light can often be hard to come by in older properties and carriage houses by definition are outbuildings separate to the main house. They can easily become an afterthought but Kate and Johnny had theirs covered.

The kitchen has an open-plan design situating it across from the living room and there are no Ikea cabinets in sight. The space acts as a Boffi promotion, showcasing Gaggenau appliances of the highest order. Even the ceiling has a touch of Hollywood about it thanks to a coating of gold paint lifting tin tiles.

Move into the private spaces though and the glamour begins to fade. One of the two bedrooms is on a mezzanine level and can therefore be better described as a half room. It has been turned into a home office in recent years too, somewhat losing its identity. The master bedroom, while equipped with a walk-in closet (every girl’s dream) and blackout blinds, looks bare. With such creative individuals living within its walls, I would have expected something out of the ordinary – perhaps a large, abstract painting bringing a wall to life or an unusual, bespoke piece of bedroom furniture. Here, the walls don’t look authentic, instead they appear to be unfinished.

That said, what the bedroom lacks, the bathroom makes up for. One of the home’s selling points is a floating bathtub (no, I’m not sure what that is either but it certainly sounds impressive!) I’m picturing a bath suspended a few inches from the ground.

Rooms with 25ft ceilings can be tricky to keep warm – just ask those tradesmen with experience working on church conversions. Generous use of underfloor heating means that the property won’t win any eco awards but it’ll keep its owners warm all year long.

My favourite space would have to be the courtyard which has a serene appeal reminiscent of those little outside restaurants that you so often see abroad. The sheer volume of hardwood inside may appear old-fashioned to some (myself included) but the home has been newly renovated making it difficult to tell which design decisions can be attributed to Kate and Johnny prior to their 1998 split and which are down to its current owners.

It’s also worth remembering that the “apartment” is a carriage house and not a main house. To access the property you need to go through the hallway of the main building. Should the home have been Kate and Johnny’s exclusive, permanent home, you can bet that it would appear more impressive but I’m struggling to justify its current asking price. What do you think? Is it worth the £11,412 a month rent?

Full credit for all images belongs to Keller Williams.

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