Is June the best month to hire a professional gardener?

With the sun seemingly out at last – and possibly to stay – and plenty of celebrations lined up in the UK, now could be the time to focus on your garden and ensure it is in top shape ahead of the summer.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) top tips for the month have been published by the Daily Telegraph and include plenty of advice on how to treat a green space at this time of the year. Of course, much of the work can be completed to a higher standard when you hire a professional gardener rather than rely on your own hard work.

So what exactly should your gardener be doing outdoors in June?

Well, with the days long and light and the temperature at a pleasant level, it is the right time to carry out some chores. For instance, taking the heads of roses as they begin to fade will promote a “new flush” of the flowers. A gardener can also cut down overhanging trees and clear the branches, pick and nurture healthy fruits and vegetables, plant new species in your soil and prune all your existing plants.

The RHS went on to suggest carrying out more serious and in-depth work in June. This can include conducting an assessment of a garden in order to establish whether it has any microclimates, as this can give you information on which plants and trees will thrive on your land. Members of the Horticultural Trades Association Council recently added to the feeling that now is a great time to invest time and money in a garden. They suggested that the heatwave Britain experienced last week along with the recent Chelsea Flower Show have ramped up interest in horticulture.

It seems there is no point in waiting to tackle your garden. After all, with the notoriously short British summer almost upon us, you could miss out on enjoying your beautiful outdoor space if you fail to act. If you want a professional gardener to get your garden into top shape, take a look at for the most comprehensive online guide to expert tradesmen.

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