Kate Moss’s dream wedding scenario

Imagine 400 wedding guests, 2 closed off villages and the world’s media eyes monitoring every step you take. We wouldn’t be surprised if Kate Moss is slightly nervous as she marries Jamie Hince in the Cotswolds later today.

So what will Kate’s wedding reception be like? All we’ve seen are picture of huge marquees and rumours that transvestites will be escorting guests to and from the restrooms. It’s seems to be quite a different affair from that other Kate, who married a couple of months ago. We picture three different scenarios:

The Fairytale Wedding – This is the least likely scenario, but would also be the most fun. Imagine swans, flamingos and white doves  spread out on the grounds, mingling with the guests.  Gardeners will have furnished mini Cinderella castles out of boxwood and  Kate will toast with a Cinderella shoe. Kate and Jamie will gallop away into the sunset on a white horse with a unicorn horn fastened on the horse’s head.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding – If you marry the front singer of The Kills, it might be hard to steer clear of a little bit of rock and roll.  The table of honour will obviously be built like a rock stage. The couple’s first dance? Why Stairway to Heaven of course. Beer tents will be erected and festival bracelets handed out as memorabilia. Forget about guest toilets, portaloos are the way forward here and a designated camping area would be the obvious accommodation should the guests want to stay the night.

The Beach Bum Party – Quite a tricky look to achieve, but if you’re a supermodel, you have the means to do it.  A barbecue reception will meet the guests, and everyone will sit down at a table made of surf boards. Guests will wave beach towels in the air as the couple share their first kiss and they will dance to Jack Johnson on the banks of sand that has been shipped in to achieve the right look.

If you’re planning your wedding and need some help to achieve a wedding scenario extraordinaire, do hire a rated tradesperson. It doesn’t have to be on a Kate Moss scale, the tradesmen on Rated People are up for any project. Gardeners, plumbers, carpenters and electricians – they’re all good to have around for a  summer wedding reception.

Photography Credit: Jill Sawyer Phypers

Photographery Credit: Erin hearts Court

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