Keep your home on the map this winter

So it’s that time of year again. All over the country we’re saying goodbye to our lazy afternoons in the sun and sheepishly wandering back to the places we call home. Now that our evenings will be spent curled up on the sofa, it makes sense that we give our homes that little extra sparkle.

What can we look to for a perfect pick-me-up?  Well, only a reminder of our summer adventures of course!

2012 has been all about the map motif. From the traditional wall frame to a customised chest of drawers (see below), the trend has not failed in its bid to capture the imagination.

Image Source:  Skimbaco Lifestyle

Image Source: UniqueChic Furniture


And it hasn’t quite run out of steam yet! Vinyl flooring, courtesy of Murafloor, can breathe new life into a study or bedroom. Easy to clean and slip resistant, the quirky covering provides a brilliant alternative to the much loved carpet. It’s perfect for that Christmas, “Let’s see what you’ve done with the house then?” moment, drink in hand…

Image Source: Murafloor

If you’re not ready to ditch the carpet just yet, why not stick to wall art for that washable effect? Companies such as Digitex offer a range of designs, like this London Underground Tube map.

Image Source: ESI

Fresh and informative, what’s not to like?

You can even get your children in on the act. Wannabe pirates will love this globe shaped corkboard, courtesy of John Lewis. Priced at just £25, the creation is also completely self-adhesive – so no tricky installation is required! Pinpointing your travels can help to build happy memories and the unfussy design lends itself to an ‘X marks the spot’ theme.

Image Source: Luckies

Now we here at do appreciate that everyone’s tastes are different. So if you’re a fan of the vintage feel, then you may wish to grab an old atlas from the back of the cupboard and channel Restoration Hardware instead.

Image Source: Restoration Hardware

All you’ll need is a teabag and some hot water to achieve the classic look. Simply make your tea as usual, allow the bag to cool and then dab it over your guide to the M2. Your purse will thank you with Christmas being just two pay cheques away!

All that remains to say is that we hope you enjoy your no hassle, free roaming of the globe!

Bon voyage!

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