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Kim Kardashian moves again – is your home security up to scratch?

Home security concerns us all, but for celebrities like Kim Kardashian her security problems go further than just concerns. Recent trespass attempts prompted Kim to up sticks from her Italian style villa and relocate just down the road to a 6,700 square foot, $40,000 per month rental in Beverly Hills.

Her new 6-bedroom pad is set within a tropical landscaped garden, with infinity pool, mountain views, and even more security guards!

The average homeowner may not require as much security around their home as the average Kardashian, but getting the basics installed will make your home safe and provide you with peace of mind. Review the current security your home has and make changes, additions and repairs where necessary to keep your property, belongings and family safe.

Doors and Locks

The most obvious and often neglected elements of home security are doors and locks, both need to be up to standard to be effective.

Do you have a robust deadlock on your front and back door? Yes, the locks on your back door should be to the same standard as your front door. A ‘robust deadlock’ is a lock that requires a key to turn a bolt into the frame of the door. For wooden doors, more than 44m thick, a 5-lever mortice lock is recommended by the Home Office; for PVC-u doors a 3 multi-point lock is recommended. A qualified locksmith will be both able to recommend and fit suitable locks for your doors.

Even with recommended locks, doors or frames that are damaged will inhibit their effectiveness and therefore may be vulnerable to forced entry. In some cases a tradesman might be able to repair or reinforce the door, but if it’s in very bad shape the unit should be replaced with a new doorset that has been certified to British Standard PAS 24.

Most importantly, locks are only effective when used. Always lock your doors when you leave your property, even if you are just in the garden or have popped out for 5 mins.

A 5-lever lock


Lighting the exterior of your property is a great deterrent, an electrician can fit low energy lights to the outside of the house that will come on during hours of darkness. Alternatively or in addition, a security light with a motion sensor works well to deter buglers and flag when someone is approaching your property.

Maintaining the perimeter of your property is essential, bushes and hedges should be pruned and selecting suitable shrubs such as hawthorn and climbing roses are often enough to put an intruder off. If you’re not green fingered a gardener will be able to help you establish a boundary hedge, and suggest plants that will act as a good deterrent which are suitable for your soil and position.


Like door frames window frames need to be in good repair, ensuring  exterior wooden windows are painted professionally every 10 years which will elongate the life span of the windows and keep them secure. Areas where window frames are failing are easily forced open, again a tradesman can often reinforce damaged areas if they are not left to deteriorate too much, or alternatively they can be replaced with PVC-u windows that require less maintenance. If you decide to replace your windows ensure they are certified to British Standard BS 7950.

Any accessible windows should be secured with locks. Locks are cheap and easy to fit on wooden window frames, PVC-u windows, however, require specialist locks.


Just the sight of an alarm on the façade of a house can put burglars off breaking in, they will look for easier targets instead. A security specialist can advise what alarm system is most suited to your property – always ensure that your chosen system complies with certification code, BS 6707.

Depending on the system you chose alarms can be expensive, but like nearly all home security an alarm system is primarily a deterrent. If an alarm system with all the bells and whistles isn’t in the budget, often a dummy alarm box mounted on the front of a property is enough to fool even the smartest burglar!

If your house falls short on security and you would like to hire a tradesman in your local area to help strengthen your fort, post your job on We’ll put you in contact with up to 3 quality tradesmen, each tradesman will quote to do the work, you’ll be able to review their online ratings and pick the tradesman that you would like to hire. After your castle has been fortified, remember to rate him!

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