King’s Cross – London’s ugly duckling

King’s Cross, the ugly duckling of London is slowly turning into a swan. With multiple postcodes it lacks a trendy real-estate association and was previously notorious for being London’s red light district. Thankfully King’s Cross is managing to scale the social ladder.

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The King’s Cross area is now one of the largest development sites in the UK. With 5 tube links, both international and national train links, it is one of the best connected areas in London – no wonder this area is getting some TLC from developers.

Many people may still remain sceptical, especially those who consider the red brick monster, home to the new St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, garish gothic and over the top. It was and still is, thought by some, in need of more than a facelift. Thankfully it has been redeveloped, sympathetically, embracing everything that could be considered ugly about it! We are fans of renovation over demolition – let’s keep our London heritage buildings and traditional trades alive.

King’s Cross may still carry its old reputation as London’s red light district but it is doing its best to shake it off. St Pancras station now resembles a high end shopping mall or international airport terminal, rather than a London railway station, with its designer shops and restaurants. With all the development in the area, its fair to say that in a few years time there will be little to remind people of its sordid past!

All this development screams investment potential. If you’re looking for a long term investment property this could be the place to focus your search. Local residents are currently mainly students and arty/creative types, who are enjoying the diversity of the area. But as the developers move out and the modern flats go up, the area is sure lose its ‘cool’ appeal and the arty creatives will move out and the masses are sure to move in.

If you are considering buying a property in the King’s Cross area and it is not a new build, it will without doubt be in need of a makover and that’s were our Rated People can help!

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