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Where to Find Stylish Budget Furniture

It’s an exciting time when you move into a new house, having somewhere that you can call your own and where you can do what you like. One of the most exciting things about moving into your own place is being able to buy all of your own furniture, choosing the designs and colours that you want and placing it where you wish. However, after all the bills have been paid, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford exactly what you want and you may have to start fitting your home out piece by piece with budget furniture rather than going on one big splurge and buying everything at once. Here are a few tips and tricks to save money and find stylish budget furniture when kitting out your home.

budget furniture

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Where to find budget furniture:

See what you can take from your old home

If you’re moving into your first home then you may be able to take some items from your family home. If your bedroom isn’t going to be used anymore then you could take your bed, wardrobe and other storage items. Take what you can – there’s no point in spending money on things that you already have. It will save you from having to get rid of it too.

Ask family and friends first

Before you splash out on a load of new furniture, ask family and friends if they are getting rid of anything or if they know anyone that is. As long as what they give you is in good condition, it’s worth taking. If you’re really lucky you’ll get it for free. It’s always worth asking around first before you commit to buying.

where to find cheap furniture

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Don’t underestimate charity shops

Charity shops are more popular than ever now that people have realised their merits. They get new stock in all the time so it’s worth having a good rummage to see what you can find. Often you can pick up items like really nice photo frames which will make your new place feel like home.

Go online

Websites such as eBay and Gumtree regularly have furniture for sale, and it’s not all old and tired. Many of the items are in perfect condition, it’s just that people no longer have use for them so they’re offering them for low prices.. You can actually be doing people a favour by taking them!

It’s always best to shop around first before you buy as not everything needs to be brand new. Why not mix and match furniture, or even decorate it yourself? Try sanding down wood to give it a vintage feel, or polishing and painting to give a contemporary look. The key thing to remember is that there is no need to splash out on new items when what you need could all be there in front of you for a fraction of the price.

If you need help creating affordable custom furniture for your home, post your job and up to three carpenters will get in touch to quote on your job. You’ll be able to view their individual profiles, complete with previous customer recommendations, to help you decide who to hire.

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