Kitchen floor makeover could breathe new life into homes

Homeowners around the UK might like to employ builders in Belfast to carry out a makeover of their kitchen floors.

Tim Jasper, kitchen designer at, has spoken of the many attractive options individuals have to choose from.

For example, a natural stone floor will bring with it qualities such as resilience, strength and a hardwearing nature, while it is also aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Ceramic tiles are another material that can be used to make a new kitchen floor, with these said by the expert to be “pretty much bulletproof” and cost-effective.

Mr Jasper also recommended wood flooring, before stating: “I suggest that the same floor finish is used throughout the kitchen and any adjacent dining or living areas, perhaps using rugs to soften these spaces.”

Steven Fielding, commercial director of Lacanche, recently said that when people invest in their kitchens, they are primarily seeking longevity in what they buy.

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  1. he type of flooring that one will choose for his or her home will define the overall tone of the house. There are a variety of options available that homeowners can choose from. Some will go for a more traditional material while others will use cork or bamboo. Whatever material is chosen it is important to consider the lifestyle of the people living inside the house as well as the amount of traffic in that room. Also, maintenance is important in maintaining its natural beauty.

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