Luxury Kitchen Must-Haves

If money were no object which of these luxury kitchen improvements and gadgets would be top of your wishlist?

The AGA has hardly changed since it originated in 1935. It’s iconic, conjuring idyllic images of English country living, but, they’re not cheap. These Titanic cookers not only cost a bomb to buy, around 10k, but the running costs aren’t cheap either. According to AGA it costs £18 per week to run the traditional model, and it’s far from eco-friendly -taking at least half a day to fire up.

The new AGA, thankfully, is a little more eco friendly – ready for use in 8 minutes. The new AGA Total Control looks the same but conceals a touch screen interface behind the door, or it can be controlled by an iPhone. It costs less than £5 per week to run and prices start from around 10k.

The UK’s most notorious boiling tap, Quooker, heats and stores 3 litres of boiling water ready to use on demand. Despite being rather pricey at nearly £800, these taps are flying off the shelf in an eco plea to save water and achieve that minimal look that is lost with a kettle on the work top.

The answer to a wine connoisseur’s dreams surely is the spiral wine cellar. A watertight pre-cast cylindrical system, which can store around 600-1870 bottles, is sunk into the kitchen floor. The temperature is set at around 13°C and maintained by a clever insulation system. A wine cellar from Spiral Cellars costs from £10,000 to £25,000 depending on the size.

Designer taps come with price tags that will make you wince, but this tap designed by Zaha Hadid is the world’s most expensive tap. Inspired by the flow of water this touch sensitive tap costs £5,000!

If you fancy a few luxury additions for your kitchen, post your job on and we’ll put you in contact with up to 3 quality tradesmen in your local area. Each tradesman will provide you with a quote for the work, you’ll then be able to choose the tradesman you want to employ based on these quotes and ratings from previous customers. Once the tradesman has completed your kitchen don’t forget to rate him!

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