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Our modern kitchens are designed around storage. Where our grandparents may have simply had a few pans and a pantry, we need somewhere to fit the bread-maker, the Le Creuset collection and the plethora of utensils to deal with everything from cupcake decoration to preserving.

As a result, we have more space than ever for storage. But the law of clutter and the whims of advertisers and gadget manufacturers mean that our kitchen gadgets, pans and cutlery will always expand at a rate that ensures we never have quite enough space for it all.

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For this reason, we need to think outside of our fitted kitchen designs when it comes to storage. Many kitchen-fitters or cabinet makers will make new kitchen cabinets that will match your current kitchen design but this can prove to be an expensive option. It can also mean that your kitchen closes in on you as you add more and more cabinets, often high up on the walls. So it can help to think a little differently when it comes to solutions to your storage problems.

Large stores such as IKEA are a great place to start when it comes to thinking about kitchen storage, as they display a number of products that can allow you to store pans or utensils and thus free up drawer or cupboard space for food or gadgets. You can buy rails or wire frames that allow you to store your utensils as you would in a professional kitchen, so it will impress visitors too. You can also buy free-standing storage units or trolleys that you can use to keep everything tidy, from gadgets to fruit and veg.

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IKEA also offer kitchen islands, which are a great solution if you have a spacious kitchen with room at the centre. More costly kitchen islands or blocks can totally change the way that you use your kitchen space, freeing up your worktops for mixers and coffee machines and transferring food preparation to the heart of the room.

Lakeland is the go-to place for storage jars and kitchen utensils, but they also offer some great options that can improve the way you use your existing kitchen storage. These include hanging shelves for inside doors and the simple-yet-effective in-shelf podiums that mean you can add more jars and cans yet still be able to see them.

hanging shelf

Image source: Lakeland

Some kitchen designers and modernists will frown upon any kind of storage on the walls in the kitchen but most of us will have at least some cupboards on the walls, so adding some floating shelves for our more attractive crockery can work to free up space. You may also find that you can create tidy storage atop your wall cabinets by using wire baskets, plastic trays or even office storage units. Remember, just because you don’t find it in the kitchen departments does not mean that you cannot use it there. Those who want a vintage look can try collecting old wooden fruit boxes or wine boxes to pad out the kitchen storage space.

Rubbish bins and recycling bins can take up a good amount of our kitchen storage, as we tend to store them out of the way beneath the sink, or have them taking up room in a cupboard. Slender mixed-use bins can fit into spaces beneath worktops or in corners, with the modern designs from companies such as Simple Human being pricey but offering great space-saving benefits. Some designs combine recycling and rubbish in one bin that is probably smaller than your average kitchen wastebin.

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If none of these options work then an experienced kitchen-fitter could provide ideas for you upon a brief visit to your home. They often carve out extra storage by installing corner units or carousels into existing cupboards, so it is always worth considering contacting one to see what they may be able to do. Their services will definitely be less expensive than that new kitchen you have had your eye on and they may just come up with the solution that you just can’t see yourself.

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  2. The over the door storage shelf is really a great invention and you add more jars and cans in it yet still be able to see them.

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