Kitchen upgrades ‘must represent value for money’

Builders in Birmingham are among those to be warned that they must provide good value for money when quoting for jobs such as kitchen renovations and replacements.

A spokesman for Atkinsons Kitchens has suggested that cost is now an essential factor for many people who are investing in a new layout.

It is said that Britons are trying to save money wherever possible and will no longer pay over the odds for a brand new kitchen.

“They want decent value, but decent quality as well. They don’t want the cheapest, but they certainly don’t want the most expensive either,” the representative stated.

He added that the current trend when it comes to kitchens seems to be for those with a “high gloss, quite contemporary finish”, which is described as a “really popular” look.

James Wyatt, partner of Barton Wyatt, recently said it can be very difficult to decide on a new kitchen but he would always recommend opting for one that comes in neutral colours.

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