Kitchens and bathrooms ‘are most important rooms when selling a home’

People who plan to sell their homes in the future might wish to enlist the services of builders in Derby in order to improve their kitchens and bathrooms. That is because, in the opinion of one expert, these are the spaces that are the most important to prospective buyers.

Andrew Leech, executive director of the National Home Improvement Council, explained the first challenge is to give a property good “kerb appeal”, meaning it looks great from outside.

Once inside, he recommended focusing attention and resources on the bathroom and kitchen. “They are very important areas. The kitchen has become, in recent times, more or less an entertainment area – they now often have a television and audio systems in a modern kitchen,” Mr Leech stated.

Tim Jasper, kitchen designer at, this week spoke of some of the attractive options that are open to homeowners when it comes to investing in a new kitchen floor, from ceramic tiles to wood and stone.

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