Lack of space is no barrier to great gardening, says expert

It is understandable that those of you living in smaller properties may be put off the idea of gardening, in the belief you do not have the space to come up with a beautiful green area.

But that assessment is entirely wrong, as one expert has moved to allay fears that a lack of room has a terminal effect on your chance to boast a magnificent lawn, an array of attractive plants and magnificent trees.

Susan Littlefield, horticultural editor at the National Gardening Association, has explained that while the extent of your ambitions will always be governed by the size of the area available to you, even people with just a balcony to their name can still reap the benefits of gardening. In such cases, there is the potential to grow vegetables and herbs in containers that are perched on a ledge.

“Varieties such as bush or patio-type tomatoes, bush cucumbers, and compact pepper varieties make good choices for container growing, as do many salad greens and herbs – such as basil, parsley and chives,” Ms Littlefield stated. “Small-space gardeners can take advantage of vertical growing space by using trellises and hanging baskets.” Of course, you are unlikely to require much in the way of professional help to achieve such feats, but those of you with larger spaces to play with can benefit greatly from hiring a gardener.

Ms Littlefield’s advice appears to tally with that dished out recently by Alan Jaffe, public relations manager at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, who said the ability to boast a great garden is not diminished by living in towns and cities. Indeed, he said opportunities to enjoy a wonderful green space are open to both urban and rural dwellers.

So wherever you live, it is important to remember that gardening is an option that will boost your surroundings and make your home more attractive to buyers.

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