Landlords ‘must keep an eye on state of homes’

Becoming a landlord is a popular and profitable option in the UK at the moment. With many people struggling to buy their own home, renting is often the only option, meaning there is a large pool of tenants ready to pay out for leased properties. But being a landlord should not be a case of investing in a house and taking the money without showing any care. In order to build a good reputation and keep tenants happy, it is vital that property owners show plenty of enthusiasm when it comes to the upkeep of their buildings.

Nick Oldridge from has issued some advice on the subject, recommending those who own a property that is rented out keep a close eye on exactly how the interior and exterior of their home is being maintained. He noted that tenants are extremely unlikely to ever mention any concerns, as they are simply not their problem.

“If you are a landlord you should attend the property at least yearly or twice yearly to do an inspection and see where you stand with your roof structure. You could very quickly wipe out all that you gain from your rental income if you have a problem,” Mr Oldridge stated.

Should any signs of damage or extreme wear and tear be identified, it may be wise to call in a builder or roofer immediately to take a look at the problems. Hiring a professional tradesman to carry out work is preferable to allowing an issue to linger and potentially worsen.

The roof of a property was picked out recently by Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, as a feature of properties that must be looked after closely as it is so important to the overall working of a building.

With this in mind, it will often pay to call in the experts as soon as any problem – no matter how large or small – is picked up on.

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