Learning how to quilt is the new craft rage

To keep warm this winter and also stay on trend, we would recommend tapping into the patchwork quilt trend. Patchwork quilting is not only creative and aesthetic, it’s also eco-friendly; instead of throwing away perfectly fine textiles you can recycle them for a quilt. The jumper that shrunk in the laundry or the cardigan you bought but never used, can come quite in handy when designing a quilt pattern.

Essentially quilting is two layers of fabrics, with a padding (or wadding) sandwiched in between. The wadding isn’t necessary, however it obviously fulfils an insulating aspect. Quilting is very much a social activity, where a group or community can get together and make one big quilt, often for a special event such as a wedding. Quilts often tell a story and can be used in art installations (Tracey Emin has a penchant for them), protests or as family mementos.

After TV shows such as Kirstie’s Handmade Britain and a quilt exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum last year, people are getting well into the craft trend, wanting to learn how to conquer the homemade and handmade. Quilting stretches as far as the Middle Ages (when people used to wear quilts as clothing) and while it was seen as dowdy a few years ago, it has finally resurfaced as a trendy craft skill. Maybe something to think about as you start dealing with your family’s expensive Christmas wish lists…

Carolina Lily’s quilt on display at the V&A’s virtual quilt gallery

Here are some of our favourite craft trends.

  Knitted stool by Claire-Anne O’Brien

  The Marrakech sofa from Couch

patchy pillowcase

Quilted pillowcase 

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