LED bulbs ‘offer sunlight quality’

LED lighting may be something electricians in St Davids find they are increasingly dealing with, as it has been suggested the popularity of the method could be on the rise. Chris Ingfeldt, marketing director at LEDinlight, noted the quality of light emitted by the products is similar to natural sunlight. Such a benefit could mean those who use the bulbs in their home can see the true colour of household furniture and even their own clothes.

Mr Ingfeldt explained the approach is also environmentally-friendly, with the energy consumption of the items standing at between 50 and 80 per cent less than standard light bulbs, while the average lifespan lasts about ten to 12 years. When asked why people are choosing LED bulbs, the industry figure noted: “It is very much for the energy savings, the lower wattage and maintenance costs. Then it is, of course, the light quality.”

His comments follow the announcement from Panasonic that it will supply all of the LED lighting to be used for the Tokyo Sky Tree – the biggest free-standing broadcast structure on the planet.

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