LED lighting ‘a must for UK homeowners’

With so many of us desperate to ensure our homes are highly stylish and attractive to guests these days, it is important to cover every base when it comes to doing up a home. While it seems fairly obvious that you will need to check out the furniture you have, think about the colour you will paint the walls and come to a decision on the flooring you are to adopt, there are other issues that might go under the radar but are just as important to the overall feel of a space.

For instance, the lighting you install within a room can have a tremendous impact on its atmosphere and appearance. There are grand and eye-catching options such as chandeliers, while the style-savvy among you might be interested in spotlights and wall lighting. Alternatively, traditionalists could stick with light shades and other well-tried items. If interior designer Jo Hamilton is to be believed, the best path to head down is that of LED lighting, which she said is very much the future. She spoke of how there are blue and yellow-based lights in this area and, while yellow might seem at first the most obvious contender, it is actually blue lights that are “more akin to natural daylight”.

“You can have a warm white or a cool white, and then there are shades in between. The warm light for interiors of homes is lovely and perhaps much better than blue lights, which are better suited to restaurants or bars,” Ms Hamilton stated. She went on to tell how LEDs have become “much more natural” in recent years, shaking off their reputation as being crisp and cold. In fact, the bulbs might now be considered among the most refined and fashionable on the market and could be considered a must for every home in the UK.

Ms Hamilton was speaking at the Grand Designs Live event in London, which took place at the ExCeL centre earlier this month. It boasted more than 500 different exhibitors, giving visitors the perfect chance to explore the home improvements that are available to them at the moment. Those of you who have taken a shine to LED lighting might wish to hire an electrician immediately to oversee the installation of your stylish new illuminations.

The design expert went on to give some words of encouragement to those thinking of investing in eco-friendly lighting. While she admitted that the technology in this area still has some way to go before it can be considered perfect, it is improving at a healthy rate and can trigger immense savings in UK homes and businesses. With this in mind, you might be wise to splash out on green LEDs in order to do your bit for the environment and – potentially – reduce your electricity bills.

There is plenty to be gained from looking at your lighting solutions – both in terms of finances and the aesthetic quality your home boasts. It could be foolish to invest time and money in other areas while ignoring the implements that light your rooms and show them off at their best.

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