Phil Spencer: My live Twitter Q&A for Rated People

Last week, I hosted my first ever live Twitter Q&A for Rated People. It might have only been an hour but it flew by with such a variety of questions on everything from online estate agents to buying a freehold. Most of the questions fell within three main areas – the latest home trends, improvements that add value and moving house (whether that’s buying or selling) and renting out. Of course, there was also the odd question or two about what I’ve been up to – working on a new TV show with Kirsty called Love It Or List It and preparing for the next series of Location, Location, Location if you’re wondering!

For those of you who tweeted me a question, thank you! It was a pleasure to chat with you and I hope you found the answers useful. If you couldn’t join in on the day, not to worry. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite questions and answers below.

new house

Image source: Richard Webb via Wikimedia Commons

Home trends

Q: @RatedPeople Are there any trends with what people are doing in their houses at the moment? #AskPhil

A: @beckyamills I’m not sure that completely open plan is now as popular as it once was. Now families want separate spaces.

Q: @RatedPeople Hi, do these maxims still hold true: 1) do the bathrm and kitchen 1st so you get the benefit 2) 1bathrom for every 3bedrms #askphil

A: @MarkERobinson Yes, I think they’re both still true. Fashionable kitchen design changes quickly so go as up to date as you can. #AskPhil

stylish bathroom

Image source: Pixabay

Improvements that add value

Q: @RatedPeople #askphil what are the best improvements to really add value to a property and which add the least?

A: @Carl_Thompson To add would be extending – anything which increases sq footage! New carpets and freshly painted walls are an easy win. Least value would be anything that’s too personal or makes the room look too dark! I’m thinking bright purple walls!

Q: @RatedPeople #askphil If you are planning on spending about £85k is it worth extending or should you just move?

A: @r4chy74 Too many variables to answer accurately. If your 85k would increase value more than that then you should do it. Costs of moving are very high. #AskPhil

Q: @RatedPeople Phil spencer, Lg 5 bed house, small kitchen. Use dbl garage for kitchen?

A: @BurbageJude If you can get planning permission then it sounds like a very sensible plan! #AskPhil

garage conversion into kitchen

Image source: porcelainnight

Moving house (buying/selling) or renting out

Q: @RatedPeople Is it better to have 2 1-bed buy to let properties at £200k or 1 3-4 bed for £400k?

A: @chopwood Good qu! The answer depends on where the local tenant demand is. Ask letting agents! #AskPhil

Q: @RatedPeople Which areas are expected to have the strangest growth in demand for rented property?

A: @chopwood I’d have to say the lower end of the London market (assuming you mean strongest). Otherwise, expanding university towns. #AskPhil

Q: @RatedPeople in your opinion is it better to buy the best house on a not-so-nice street or the worst house on a desirable street? #askphil

A: @Lisa_Tompson Worst house on the best street because you can make it better! Be mindful of the ceiling price on all houses. #AskPhil

Q: @RatedPeople Where in London would you advise to look for first time buyers? #askphil

A: @hollieluxford I’d say the South East. There’s still good value to be found there. #AskPhil

Q: @RatedPeople I have lived in current property for 27years, am looking to move within 2 years, should I buy the freehold? #AskPhil

A: @sal_douglas Interesting question. How long have you got left on the lease? #AskPhil / If it’s 75 yrs or less, then it would be hard for somebody to raise a mortgage so yes freehold or extend the lease. #AskPhil

As always, good luck with all your property plans this year and if you want to check out Rated People’s Twitter page, you’ll find it here.





  1. i used rate to get a new rubber roof installed through rated and l made a complaint on 22nd June and l have still not here’d anything. The tradesman l got through Rated was because l am disabled and bedridden. So l thought l was getting genuine tradesmen. They have been back 3/4 times and it is still leaking. Now they don’t take my calls. Please help?

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